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Weekday, 9am-5pm


793-1, Konominato, Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture

793-1, Konominato, Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Weekday, 9am-5pm


・Please note that there is a slight variation in length and width.
・Because it is a one-of-a-kind item, the pattern will be different from the one shown in the photo.
・Please be careful not to scratch or rub it.
・There is a possibility of color fading or color transfer due to water damage or friction.
・Please check here for return and exchange policy.

    Handling of shoelaces made with scarves and kimono fabric

    ・We use old and delicate fabrics, and each item is made by hand.
      ・Please be aware that some fabrics may not have a pattern, and your order may look monochromatic even if the pattern appears in the photo. 
      ・Although the product has been thoroughly cleaned, there may be stains or damage that cannot be removed.
      ・Please enjoy them as part of the design of your one-of-a-kind item.
        ・The kimono fabric has not been washed. Please be especially careful about color fading and color transfer.

          Handling of shoelaces made with  "Kitenge" African fabric

          ・The laces are made after washing in water, but please note the following
          ・There may be some scratches, color irregularities, and pattern deviations during the production process of the fabric, but there are no quality problems.
          ・In order to make the best use of traditional methods, materials, and dyeing characteristics, there is no color fixing process.
          ・Please note that the color may shift due to friction. Please be careful.
          ・Please note that the color may fade or shift when used in wet conditions such as rain.
          ・Please note that direct exposure to sunlight may cause discoloration.
          ・Please keep out of the sun.
          ・There may be a strong glue on the surface of the fabric.
          ・Please refrain from using an iron.
          ・The fabric may shrink when wet.
          ・Please do not leave it in a wet state, and dry it in the shade.