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Weekday, 9am-5pm


793-1, Konominato, Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture

793-1, Konominato, Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Weekday, 9am-5pm


Scarf shoelace 20424




Color Type:

The color classification is based on the base color of the original scarf. There are individual differences in the amount of color and pattern depending on the string. Please understand that this is for reference only.

Delivered with a removable charm and in a Japanese paper-based package.

You can open the package without cutting .

The sizes used in the images on the store page are as follows we sell only shoelaces

Low cut
Wearing size; M (approx. 47inch/120cm)
Shoe size; US6/UK5/EUR38/24cm
Wearing sneakers Brand; MOONSTAR

High Cut
Wearing size; L (approx. 55inch/140cm)
Shoe size; US10/UK9/EUR44/28cm
Wearing sneakers Brand; MOONSTAR

The best solution is to measure the length of the shoelaces that come with your sneakers and choose the size that fits.

Our products are made one by one by hand from old and delicate fabrics.

Because each product is one of a kind, the pattern may appear slightly different from the posted pictures.

Please be forewarned, depending on the fabric, even if the product picture may have patterns, on the actual product patterns may not appear and appear to be a single color.

Please understand that the length and width may vary. (The appearance of patterns cannot be chosen and will vary)

Customs, consumption taxes, other taxes, and taxes specific to your country may need to be paid on arrival.

Please note that we are not responsible for any tax on arrival.

Please click here for more information about attention.

※The tatami mats used in the photo shoot are half tatami mats for only shooting and new sneakers.

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Shipping is by Japan Post.
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Both are postage paid.
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